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Two Dollars To Touch It

11 Comments to Two Dollars To Touch It

  1. Tempting — but, no. At least he’s nicely accessorized.

  2. Me-Here-Now on September 1st, 2010
  3. hahaha!!! its leslie!! he’s austin’s flamboyant homeless dude. at least he’s wearing clothes for this picture. during the summer its sunhats and thongs. and i dont mean flip-flops.

  4. joe on September 1st, 2010
  5. This is Leslie. He is a homeless man in Austin, TX. Ran for mayor.


  6. Austin on September 1st, 2010
  7. At least wax and don’t wear the socks.

  8. missy on September 1st, 2010
  9. Leslie! You’ll most often find him at 6th and Congress ave in downtown Austin. And, no, it’s more like $5 for a picture with him. I have no idea how much to touch. Don’t WANNA know!

  10. aychdubya on September 1st, 2010
  11. I think that it’s the coat pocket full of walnuts that does it for me.

  12. Snardley McFard on September 2nd, 2010
  13. Hey!

    That’s Leslie!

  14. Capt. Spastic on September 3rd, 2010
  15. Actually, I want you to give me $100.00 to let you leave, and another $100.00 to forget I saw you!

  16. jandunne on September 4th, 2010
  17. Lol funny to see other austinites recognize leslie :p

  18. Monkey on August 11th, 2011
  19. This makes everything so completely pianlses.

  20. Bubba on December 28th, 2011
  21. This is Leslie.I have a magnet dress up set on my fridge.He was really nice.RIP

  22. Dave Pratt on December 11th, 2012

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