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19 Comments to Peek-A-Boo!

  1. shouldn’t this guy be on the d-bag planet site

  2. illini on October 21st, 2010
  3. …and you think you’re still unemployed because you keep blowing the interviews?

  4. Mike on October 21st, 2010
  5. When you’re done with the handle to my daughter’s jumprope sticking out of your mouth, she’d like it back.

  6. Mike on October 21st, 2010
  7. how charming………..

  8. aint i right on October 21st, 2010
  9. i would love to see these people try and live in a rainforest with the tribes who they copy this from.

  10. jobe on October 21st, 2010
  11. Let’s not be judgemental. I’m sure he works… maybe in a tattoo parlor, or a head shop, or a sex shop. I just never understood the purpose of earlobe stretching. It looks icky.

  12. shorty on October 21st, 2010
  13. Biggest turn off ever.

  14. Maria on October 21st, 2010
  15. Yeah his name is Bear and his lobes are even bigger now. He’s a really nice guy so don’t judge if you don’t know him.

  16. Keats on October 21st, 2010
  17. He even almost had his own action figure but it never got put into mass production.

  18. Keats on October 21st, 2010
  19. Why do people do this? This is why I laugh when I hear people talk about how much smarter humans are than other animals.

  20. Carcinogen on October 21st, 2010
  21. I would like to see a man who could NOT fit his wee wee in that ring! Oh the dirty thoughts!

  22. missy on October 21st, 2010
  23. This Guy is from the Documentary “MODIFY”. It’s a good movie, and he seems really cool.

  24. T3k on October 22nd, 2010
  25. His name is “Bear”.
    no, he doesn’t work. He’s sick and on disability.
    Don’t feel bad for him though, because that guy will scam you out of everything you own.

  26. Kay on October 22nd, 2010
  27. His name is Bear, he lives in Austin, Texas, and is one of the nicest, kindest people you’ll ever meet. He doesn’t even wear the bar or hoops on a daily basis. I’m sure that won’t stop all you so-quick-to-judge types. I met him at church, as a matter of fact.

  28. Big Steve on October 22nd, 2010
  29. What a moron. People like him increase the chances of someone else getting laid.

  30. Darren on October 22nd, 2010
  31. I want to know why he didn’t pierce holes for his glasses?

  32. Snardley McFard on October 23rd, 2010
  33. I met this man in 1996, when he ran a flashing red light in his roommate’s car, causing a wreck. I can vouch for the fact that this is a very sweet, honest man. Unfortunately, the police who responded, his roommate (the car’s owner) and his insurance adjuster were horrible.

  34. Terri on October 25th, 2010
  35. omg! he’s bald!!! :O

  36. Jenny on October 26th, 2010
  37. I’m not judging, I just don’t see what’s so great about stretching your earlobes that big. I mean, to each his own, I just don’t understand. But more power to him for doing what he wants, as long as he’s happy, I guess.

  38. Chloe on August 15th, 2011

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