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Who Ya Textin’?

6 Comments to Who Ya Textin’?

  1. Ok, I’m missing the “jawdrop” on this one… It seems like an awesome event and a VERY good poster to me.

  2. Heywood on November 17th, 2010
  3. yeah, what’s the problem?

  4. Tim on November 17th, 2010
  5. I agree, what’s so jaw-dropping here. It’s the truth; countless people are killed in car crashes all the time just because they can’t stop texting and pay attention to the road.

  6. Kendall on November 17th, 2010
  7. This is not a jawdrop….THIS IS THE TRUTH!!!!

  8. jim biermann on November 17th, 2010
  9. It’s unanimous so far. Put the phone down and drive.

  10. Lee on November 18th, 2010
  11. I see nothing at all wrong with the sign. It is a well known fact that many idiots are killed daily because they refuse to stop texting while driving. If it wasn’t for the fact that those same dumb fucks kill innocent pedestrians and drivers along with them I would say it’s a good thing too. The world is becoming less about survival of the fittest and more about survival of the moronic. It goes without saying that our countries down fall is brought on by the idiots we let live another day.

  12. Someday on July 10th, 2011

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