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The Family Birthing Tub

28 Comments to The Family Birthing Tub

  1. Sick … The kid on the left is the only one making the right face.

  2. netjnke on December 31st, 2012
  3. That has to be the grossest fucking thing I’ve ever seen!! I’m disgusted by my own “monthly visit,” while this whole family is soaking in the afterbirth?!?! I just pray for their family & friends’ sakes that this photo wasn’t included in the Christmas card. Excuse me now while I go vomit…

  4. Succubus' sister-in-law on December 31st, 2012
  5. Gross. Plus any sore or cut on any of the males might increase the risk of the mother or baby getting an infection, right?

  6. BenVincent on December 31st, 2012
  7. Child abuse? Yes.

  8. Missy on December 31st, 2012
  9. The little blonde boy is thinking “I didn’t mean to poop in the tub.”

  10. JustMe on December 31st, 2012
  11. I am a person with am open mind but all I can think is WTF is wrong with these people. When someone has to go poop do they all get to wipe? Did they cremate grandma in the back yard?

  12. Ed on December 31st, 2012
  13. But wait there is more, they got someone to take the picture…. And that person didn’t tell them they were f*** in the head…

  14. Mark on December 31st, 2012
  15. I agree with Mark.

  16. jag on December 31st, 2012
  17. I feel so bad for those kids and how much they are going to be made fun of for this.

  18. Kayla on January 1st, 2013
  19. Throw in some diced carrots, potatoes and celery and simmer.

  20. snap n mcgarrett on January 1st, 2013

  22. sexilexi on January 1st, 2013
  23. get the parents mental help, stat!

  24. JD Storm on January 1st, 2013

  26. ishtar on January 1st, 2013
  27. well, they were all in the bed when he was concieved, so why not?
    and that probably includes the guy who took the picture.

  28. nosmo king on January 2nd, 2013
  29. Reminds me of the tide at omaha beach.

  30. Joe on January 2nd, 2013
  31. That is so disgusting I cant even look at it.

  32. doglover on January 2nd, 2013
  33. Person taking pic was probably the lunatic that talked them into this situation how “natural” it is to bond the family together (in slime and blood).

  34. OG Alex on January 2nd, 2013
  35. HOOOOyyyyy, sorry vomiting. Oh, I am sure there is some of that in that slime filled vat they are all frolicking in. Hooooyyyy, yech!

  36. CanuckLulu on January 2nd, 2013
  37. Water birth, weird, but I kinda get it. A whole family soaking in after birth?!? Completely disgusting and unnecessary! Why !?! I bet they’re the type of wackos that eat the placenta too.

  38. Peter on January 2nd, 2013
  39. It looks like the kid on the right has been fully brainwashed into thinking this is normal, but they still have some work to do with the kid on the left. At least it looks like mom and baby are doing well. Whatever emotional scars those kids have would be a hundred times worse if they witnessed mom or baby die.

  40. Ugnaught on January 2nd, 2013
  41. If that tub was full of rusty coins……….the smell would be exactly the same.

  42. Me on January 2nd, 2013
  43. That is really gross. It’s not child abuse..its all about making a ridiculous and disgusting parenting choice. That will certainly give those boys nightmares,and making them not want to attend their own childs birth. If your children want to be a part of the birth then have them in the same room,not in the water with you. Now I wish I hadn’t of eaten…I need to go throw up now.

  44. Angela on January 3rd, 2013
  45. Save this pic,in 10 years the kids will be involved in a mass murder

  46. Bubba on January 3rd, 2013
  47. The saddest part is this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. I have an open mind but I can’t see any way this isn’t just plain unsanitary and weird.

  48. bean on January 3rd, 2013
  49. Where is CPS?

  50. Doc on January 3rd, 2013
  51. Wow I didn’t even get what was happening here at first, not only is that sick beyond belief, and abusive to the other children, but how unsanitary? I don’t care how much of a retro hippy nut you are, can you not see that forcing children to participate in a birth at all, much less sitting in the gore that is produced, is seriously wrong? I think these parents are likely mentally ill and I really do hope that Social Services is able to track this family down via the photo and check on the kids. If the parents are doing stuff like this, what the heck else are they doing? Are the parents having sex in the same bed with the kids etc.?

  52. Hap on January 3rd, 2013
  53. I really don’t want to know Hap, it’s enough that I had the misfortune of seeing this. They mwy not necessarily be Hippies, they could also be members of a bizarre religious cult, in any case this is pretty sickening.

  54. Emma on January 11th, 2013
  55. Ok, I could see the dad being in the tub but why the fuck would you make the kids get in too?

  56. Monica on February 8th, 2013

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