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Stoners Welcome

9 Comments to Stoners Welcome

  1. A major corporation supports drugs?

  2. Carlos Sanchez on November 2nd, 2010
  3. I sure hope someone (NOT an employee) screwed with this sign and the manager didnt tell them to put it…..

  4. Valerie on November 2nd, 2010
  5. It’s not a drug. It’s a medicinal herb :D

  6. Jennifer on November 2nd, 2010
  7. No…lol Someone changed the sign to be funny! isn’t this obvious? what corporation would put something like this let alone would put LOL on a public sign? DUUUUHHHH!

  8. ME on November 2nd, 2010
  9. Yeah, they’re open late in case you get the munchies…

  10. Hehe on November 2nd, 2010
  11. Of course Taco Bell is for Prop 19!!! Who else is open that late and who is up that late anyways? It’s a win-win for Taco Bell!

  12. Bob The Janitor on November 2nd, 2010
  13. Fuckin sweeeeet!! and i agree with bob the janitor

  14. Cody on November 3rd, 2010
  15. i agree with the sign (:

  16. marissa cooper on December 2nd, 2010
  17. It’s just smart business to support the majority of their customers, or at least make them think you are.

  18. People Are Stupid on July 11th, 2011

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