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Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders

34 Comments to Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders

  1. those are soooo big i just have to copy the pic

  2. Not A Real Person on March 29th, 2012
  3. Where would the skin go if the boobs were not there… that’s the scary image I’m fighting….

  4. DEREK KONINK on March 29th, 2012
  5. Why isn’t this on Dr. Fugly?

  6. Ninja on March 29th, 2012
  7. That’s just nuts! Why would anyone want those?

  8. Netjnke on March 29th, 2012
  9. Did she do this on purpose? Are they tumors? How do those not rip from her chest? Does she have to walk around with wheeled tripods or something? So many questions…


  10. Spacegeek Nat on March 29th, 2012
  11. Her chiropractor is filthy rich. ;) :) :D :P

  12. Douche Gargle on March 29th, 2012
  13. I see nothing wrong with these pictures.

  14. Tre on March 29th, 2012
  15. This is just utterly disgusting. I can only imagine the back pain.

  16. Desiree on March 29th, 2012
  17. Her parlor trick … is to fall forward and bounce back up.

  18. Netjnke on March 29th, 2012
  19. There’s a line between being a woman who has big boobs as just one of her many attributes, and being a woman who has big boobs as the central point of her life. She crossed that line a long time ago.

  20. Ugnaught on March 29th, 2012
  21. Is it just me or does she look like she is 9 months pregnant with twins, in each breast?

  22. Yikes on March 30th, 2012
  23. I love me some big boobs, but those are friggen disgusting.

  24. blah on March 30th, 2012
  25. This is why the rest of the world HATES the USA.

    We have things like this…….

  26. Joey BadaBing on March 30th, 2012
  27. boobs the size of beach balls and brains the size of a pea.

  28. loki on March 30th, 2012
  29. Umm, Photoshop much? The pic on the right, her hand is like 14 inches long. Look at it, that is not real…. lol

  30. usfbullcpa on March 30th, 2012
  31. Well, climb on Cowgirl, Lets make em bounce.

  32. Elmo on March 30th, 2012
  33. And people comment that tattoos will look bad when the wearer gets old…

  34. Neil R on March 30th, 2012
  35. Hey don’t talk about my mom like that…….


  36. Misti on March 30th, 2012
  37. Hey joey the liberal, show me some proof this was even in the US?

  38. RED on March 30th, 2012
  39. Hey RED, her name is Chelsea Charms, look her up, she`s from the states…

  40. Bobbo on March 30th, 2012
  41. This is how we know she’s American: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelsea_Charms

  42. Oh dear on March 31st, 2012
  43. Pretty fitting. She’s from Twin Cities lol

  44. Netjnke on March 31st, 2012
  45. I would motorboat the shit out of those giant titties.

  46. blueknight1st on March 31st, 2012
  47. How does she have enough skin for those????

  48. me on April 1st, 2012
  49. Its a fake. Look at her fingers. They are 12 inches long.

  50. Duke Obama on April 1st, 2012
  51. The one in the gold is obviously photoshopped. Look at her hand, it’s all stretched out!

  52. Frankenstein on April 1st, 2012
  53. Don’t you see the PhotoShop work on the pic on the right? Look at her right hand holding up.thw bolder! Yea they’re huge but that pic is altered.

  54. jizzly on April 2nd, 2012
  55. The one on the left is probably not shopped. She has em that big.

    I didn’t notice her hand b4 on the right one lol

  56. Netjnke on April 2nd, 2012
  57. That is not natural and disgusting.

  58. Greasygal on April 4th, 2012
  59. Hmm…. according to wiki, she weighs 118# but her boobs weigh 26#. A little bit of math… she weighs 92#…. her breasteses make up 22% of her body weight.

  60. Lalas on April 19th, 2012
  61. Go the web site SHE IS A HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. mawbell in Texas on June 29th, 2012
  63. Is it me or are her boobs melding together?

  64. Kyra on July 14th, 2012
  65. she is on dr fugly and ow that has to hurt

  66. deidara on August 22nd, 2012
  67. I know this is late, but the girl on the left is real. They talked to her in a special report on over obsessive plastic surgery. She is actually planning on making them bigger….

  68. Jay on November 21st, 2012

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