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Going Meatless

9 Comments to Going Meatless

  1. Shouldn’t this be “Meatless No Meatballs or Meat Free Balls”? How can you call it a meatball if it has no meat? I gotta quit thinkin its startin to hurt…..

  2. Bubbatoo on October 19th, 2010
  3. About as silly as ball-less meat.

    Har har har har har!!

  4. HandleBar Said It on October 19th, 2010
  5. I have a bladeless knife without a handle for sale.

  6. Snardley McFard on October 20th, 2010
  7. Another oxymoron, just like Jumbo Shrimp and Military Intelligence.

  8. Mike on October 21st, 2010
  9. U r all freaking retarded! I am a vegetarian and this is not weird or funny at all. This is just a food label that I understand. Ok, so it’s a fake meat meatball. DUH! How stupid everyone is to question this! It’s durrrrrr a meatless meatball just like the chicken-free chicken that I love. It’s a hearty meal without knowing that you have slaughtered anything.

  10. Amy on November 9th, 2010
  11. Amy,

    Why, if you don’t want to eat meat, would you buy products that mimic it? Why not just enjoy some veggies and be happy with that? So, you go and buy food that tries to look and taste like *gasp* meat. Vegitarians who eat that soy meat are closet carnivores. A meatless meatball is about as dumb as a motorless motorcoach, or orange-less orange juice. Just call it a soyball and be done with it. Don’t disguise it as a “meat” with “meatless” by it. You, ma’am, are a (oxy)moron.

  12. Lame on November 11th, 2010
  13. We buy products that mimic meat cause we like the taste of meat but don’t want to hurt animals to enjoy the flavor…you should try being kind…it is actually pretty cool. Some people might be trying to cut down on fat or cholesterol for health reasons (heart attacks, cancer, ect). The ‘meatless’ meat is actually starting to taste really good!

  14. Lamer on June 22nd, 2011
  15. Those are NOT, and will NEVER be, meat balls if they are not actually made of meat. The reason meat balls are called as such is because they are actual meat products formed into the shape of a ball HENCE the name MEAT BALLS.. As opposed to what it should actually be called.. tasteless worthless pathetic crap balls, or twpc balls for short. And I’ve tried these pathetic facsimiles people try to pawn off on us in place of meat, and every last bit of it pails, to the extreme, in comparison to the taste of actual meat. For gods sake MORONS, I’ll agree that there is nothing wrong with eating greens BUT we are omnivorous creatures, meaning we have evolved to eat real meat as well as vegetables.

  16. People Are Stupid on July 9th, 2011
  17. Sounds like an empty bag…

  18. psykoid04 on April 15th, 2012

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