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Fred & Barney

10 Comments to Fred & Barney

  1. What’s with the underwear guy?

  2. Netjnke on March 5th, 2012
  3. Gross, oh so gross.

  4. missy on March 5th, 2012
  5. Ugh. What the hell is wrong with the gross guy in the underwear! Shit he has bigger tits than I do!

  6. Linda on March 6th, 2012
  7. That guy in his underwear scares me!

  8. Ty on March 6th, 2012
  9. How did Baby Huey get in the crowd??

  10. Dee on March 6th, 2012
  11. Oh, no wonder I didn’t see any losers walkin around today, they are all a convention.

  12. Dave on March 7th, 2012
  13. Where was this obama rally?

  14. bubba the wonder stud on March 7th, 2012
  15. This is from LATFH (Look at That Fucking Hipster). The underpants guy is called Beans.

  16. Xuchilbara on March 9th, 2012
  17. This is “musician (hack)” Dan Deacon from Baltimore Md. He’s a fucking tard, his music is a joke, and he is a long standing joke to those of us in Bmore who aren’t fucking hipsters.

  18. Trixie Sin on March 30th, 2012
  19. lol musician hack? let’s hear your tunes Trixie. I bet you play some real gnarly licks.

  20. smellycunt on April 16th, 2012

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