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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Contest

What is going on in this photo? Below in the comments section, replay the conversation between these gentlemen that is going on in your head for a chance to win something cool you don’t even know about.

25 Comments to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Contest

  1. I bet your girl friend laughed louder than we did at you!

  2. Carlos Sanchez on December 7th, 2010
  3. Nekkid dude: “Eh, where are my clothes! WTF! What did you with them? Give me mu f*%$ing clothes!”

    Standing up dude: “Look under the table dude! You were shitfaced and got hot! F*%$ dude, you were blasted!”

    Tat dude: “Hahahahahahahahaha! You got a small pecker! How the f*$# do you get it on with the ladies?! Hahahahahahaha!

    Nekkid Dude: “STFU! F*$# you dude, now give me my mother f*$#ing clothes, dude!”

  4. sure on December 7th, 2010
  5. “Uhhh-I don’t think that’s government issue….”

  6. Dave on December 7th, 2010
  7. “Has anybody seen my thong?”
    “Yeah dude, you left it under your dignity.”

  8. Ember on December 7th, 2010
  9. well, since i was actually there and took this picture, I can tell you that everyone was drunk!

    Naked guy- walks out of bathroom with lit cigar in his mouth and a sock over his “meat”

    tall guy- hoping naked guy doesn’t sit on his brand new couch naked.

    tattooed guy-laughing hysterically because only 1 1/2 inches of the sock were actually needed for the covering.

  10. Christie on December 7th, 2010
  11. Look, we’re wearing camo, so you can’t see us in our clothes. That’s not the same as wearing nothing.

  12. Slart on December 7th, 2010
  13. “Does this look like a wart to you guys?”

    “Dude! Thats a question for a professional!”

    “I’m sorry guys, are we still cool?”

    “Yeah its all right”

    “it kinda hurts”

  14. David on December 7th, 2010
  15. Why are naked men not edited but females are highly edited? UNFAIR

  16. Douche Nozzle on December 7th, 2010
  17. We’re… We’re going streaking! We’re going up the quad and to the gymnasium.

    Everybody’s doing it.

  18. CM on December 7th, 2010
  19. Nude dude- “I thought this WAS the don’t ask/tell part.”
    2nd dude: “Glad I wore my camoflauge pants to hide my bone.”
    3rd dude: “Looks like you don’t have to ask and I won’t tell.”

  20. Bobby Hi-Fi on December 7th, 2010
  21. Standing Guy – “ummmm, Dude. Did you know you were naked?”

    Sitting down Guy – “hahahahaha! You should see if from this angle!”

    Naked Guy – “I don’t understand the problem. There is nothing in this world more beautiful than a naked body! Just ask my Mom! I bet she’s naked right now – with my grandparents at the dinner table! I bet they’re having pot roast, *tears up* my mom makes awesome pot roast, assholes!”

  22. The Original Jetta on December 7th, 2010
  23. Naked Dude: Oh man, the split between those cushions looks so good…

    Standing Dude: Hey, the line for screwing the coach cushions starts here.

    Sitting Dude: I call sloppy seconds!!!

    Guy with hands in pockets: On which, him or the couch because I’ll take either.

  24. Mike on December 7th, 2010
  25. ND – Naked Dude – CD – Camo Dude – SD – Sitting Dude

    ND – WTF happened last night?
    CD – Dude, you were so wasted.
    ND – Why am I naked?
    SD – You totally lost at beer pong
    ND – Why does my ass hurt?
    CD – Well when you tried to use your ass as a bottle opener, the girls all up and left so we threw you on the couch. You passed out so we just left you there.
    ND – But why does my ass hurt?
    SD – Since we were going out to a club, Lance volunteered to babysit you.
    ND – Lance, that’s John’s old boyfriend… Oh shi#@#@#$

  26. Steve on December 7th, 2010
  27. Shut up, put yours cloths back on and get out…and no you… wont tell anyone.

  28. mcgyver on December 7th, 2010
  29. I dont know dude I think that mine is bigger then your…. Naw man I have seen your shit his has at least 3 inches on yours

  30. Jacquie on December 7th, 2010

  32. jeremy on December 7th, 2010
  33. Camo guy : dude, why are you naked?
    Nude guy: (looks down) ohhh shit! I am naked! Have a seat!
    Sitting guy: wow your dick is tanner than my face.
    Nude guy: it’s not tanned, it’s bronzed.

  34. Dan on December 8th, 2010
  35. That’s the last time I play strip poker with you guys!

    Dude, it’s your fault. There isn’t 6 aces in a deck of cards.

    Haha. Look at his little wenis!

  36. Patrick Beattie on December 8th, 2010
  37. “When we asked to see YOUR tattoos, you could of left THAT one a secret.”

  38. Jerseydevil on January 8th, 2011
  39. how come they are all looking at the cat?

  40. cc on January 8th, 2011

  42. ktam on January 13th, 2011

  44. Some Dude on January 17th, 2011
  45. Naked: So are we gonna do this or what?

    White T Standing: With that thing?

    Tat guy: YEA! that what Im talking about!!

    Half guy: Ok Ill go get the video recorder

    Photographer: Ill take the still shots.

    Naked guy: Wheres the lube?

  46. liza Hatchet on March 2nd, 2011
  47. Tall guy – You lost the bet, Spread ‘em.
    Naked Guy Turns and spreads
    Gang rape ensues until the poor naked dude’s ass is dripping

  48. JC on April 20th, 2011
  49. Standing Man: your dick is huge.
    Naked Man: Thank you!!!!
    Standing Man:You want to test how soundproof the bedroom is.
    Naked Man: Yeah, why not

  50. cerulean sunflower on October 13th, 2012

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