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Crack Kills

13 Comments to Crack Kills

  1. Crack…..in his crack?

  2. PlowKing on July 29th, 2010
  3. Would that be double crack, or crack squared? Cracked crack?

  4. Scott on July 29th, 2010
  5. FIFTEEN bags of Crack? In his buttocks?????
    I think the next time some black chick or dude with a big booty walks by, the POLICE oughta check his or her ass!! That Jelly roll, junk in the trunk, big assed person might be smuggeling an illegal in.

    Ya never know…

  6. HandleBar Said It on July 31st, 2010
  7. I “cracked” up when I seen this…especially since I grew up about 10 minutes away from Hagerstown. I couldn’t help but think, “of course he’s from Hagerstown…!” Just stay away from Johnathan Street and you’ll be alright.

  8. Angie on July 31st, 2010
  9. Another good reason to stay off drugs…… Ya dont know where they been!!!!

  10. BoBo on August 4th, 2010
  11. What’t the difference between a drug dealer and a whore? A whore can wash her crack and reuse it.

  12. Missy on August 7th, 2010
  13. “heyy babii girl..i gots da goods..you want?” “mm sure mac daddy here’s 20 ..let me see dem goods babii” “ok just a sec sweet thang” he bends over …makes grunting sounds..lets out a fart & out pops a shit covered bag of crack …”gimme that back” she grabs the 20 back & runs out of there. “what? wait babii we can wash it off….

  14. angel on October 10th, 2010
  15. … he lets out another fart out pops his keys..”oh hey thats where they’ve been hiding”

  16. angel on October 10th, 2010
  17. Jesus, this is from my hometown. I’m too wtf’d to even make a fart joke.

  18. Rose on December 14th, 2010
  19. MY hometown too. Crazy as shit lmfao

  20. Michael on December 22nd, 2010
  21. are you sh!tt!ng me?

  22. dirt on January 4th, 2011
  23. Cops should have given him the nightstick in his ass to check for more!

  24. JC on April 20th, 2011
  25. ummm where else should he hide it….come on are there no drug dealers on here! cops come stuff the crack in the crack! works 99% of the time lmao

  26. josh on May 2nd, 2011

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