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An Apple A Day

15 Comments to An Apple A Day

  1. No thanks, fat ass.

  2. girlwatcher on December 11th, 2012
  3. Id eat some of that apple pie…

  4. julyguy76 on December 11th, 2012
  5. Not sure I want to know what the gourds are for.

  6. netjnke on December 11th, 2012
  7. Once you go gourd … you won’t be bored

  8. netjnke on December 12th, 2012
  9. Yeah… I’m going to have to with “No, thanks” on that one.

  10. adlyia on December 12th, 2012
  11. That is a long way from a fat ass. She is very voluptuous. I’d glady eat her apple pie

  12. redneck on December 12th, 2012
  13. Hi Mom !!!!

    I’m keeping busy at college

  14. Joey BadaBing on December 12th, 2012
  15. I’d enjoy that scrumptious morsel all evening! Only a real man can handle a woman with curves! The boys can have the anorexic, boney women.

  16. BB on December 12th, 2012
  17. before whatever the fuck is going on here was over, she def had a gord up her cunt and asshole at the same time!!

  18. boom boom on December 12th, 2012
  19. Looks like the pig is ready to be thrown in the oven. It already has the apple in the mouth.

  20. mike on December 12th, 2012
  21. Shit. I’ve seen smaller hams on a prize winning hog. And speaking of hogs; roast that pig she’s already got the apple in her snout.

  22. JETHRO on December 12th, 2012
  23. All we need are some slices of pineapple, a big smoker, and that pig will be ready to go.

  24. Jo Blow on December 13th, 2012
  25. Looks like she has ate more than fruit with that gut. Gross #hitthegym

  26. billy on December 13th, 2012
  27. At least she will keep her mouth shut

  28. Bubba on December 14th, 2012
  29. Thats not fat, that is sexy as hell. A little thick just how I like them, bet she has some pussy hair too, thick bush is good! Would love to eat her creamy apple pie!

  30. squid93 on December 31st, 2012

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