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8 In One

10 Comments to 8 In One

  1. I think they meant the flashlight to be the eighth “one”……is that the “jawdrop”?

  2. rodgertheshrubber on November 16th, 2010
  3. That’s kinda cool.

  4. joe on November 16th, 2010
  5. Is the third image a composite or does it really have all those “legs”?
    Looks like it could get up and chase you around.

    But it is cool

  6. Neil R on November 16th, 2010
  7. Number 5 had that, it’s nothing new

  8. johnny 5 on November 16th, 2010
  9. first these dumbasses are posting photoshopped pictures..which is just lame…now their “jaw drop” is a tool???

  10. JJSmith on November 17th, 2010
  11. i actually own one of those. wicked handy tho not very strong. not sure this qualifies as a jawdrop tho. who is in charge of this shit? first it was jawdrops, then photoshopped ‘drops, then it became ‘bong of the day’ now its unorthadox tools? whats next?

  12. shtihl on November 17th, 2010
  13. I bought one of these and got screwed.

  14. Mike on November 18th, 2010
  15. That looks like the dildo my girlfriend wants for Christmas.

  16. Bri on December 4th, 2010
  17. I own one of these that calls itself a “Mr. 7 Hands” instead of an 8-in-one, although it does have the flashlight. Quite frankly it’s the most-used tool in my house, although the flashlight never works because it’s depressingly easy for it to get switched on so the battery is always dead.

  18. SLT on December 10th, 2010
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  20. Gaston Ciaramitaro on January 13th, 2011

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